How to Make Giardiniera

Giardiniera.  Do you know what it is?  This dish originated in Italy as a way for Italians to preserve their garden vegetables for the wintertime.  In Italian, giardiniera means from the garden.  Basically, giardiniera is a pickled relish, and is commonly used as an appetizer or a condiment.  It is pronounced JAR-di-NAIR-ah. How can I… Read More How to Make Giardiniera

Beef, Family Pies, Main Course

Minced Beef Pie

Beautiful meat pies are such wonderful comfort food, regardless of the season.  Buttery golden pastry and a hearty meat-and-veg filling looks so tempting on the dinner table!  What’s even better is that this minced beef pie is economical, tasty, and easy to make.  Let’s get started! 👩‍🍳 What is the difference between ground beef and… Read More Minced Beef Pie

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Perfect Muffaletta Bread

Making your own delicious muffaletta bread from scratch is suprisingly simple, and the final loaf tastes fantastic.  Even beginning bakers can do this recipe.  Follow along with the instructional photos, and have fun baking! What does the word muffaletta mean? Muffaletta is a famous sandwich that originated in New Orleans at Central Grocery.  It was… Read More Perfect Muffaletta Bread