Panda Express Kung Pao Chicken


What You Need

Skip take out and save some money when you use our copycat Panda Express Kung Pao chicken recipe.


1. Whisk the marinade ingredients. 2. Add the chicken and marinade it for 20 minutes.


3. Whisk the kung pao sauce and roast the peanuts. 4. Cook the meat in oil until it's about 80% done.


5. Saute the chili peppers in hot oil until they darken. 6. Cook the aromatics (ginger and garlic) for 15 seconds.

Cook Veggies

7. Stir fry the red pepper and zucchini until they're softened. 8. Add the cornstarch slurry to the sauce and cook until thickened.

Almost Done!

9. Add the meat, aromatics, and veggies back to the sauce and add the red pepper flakes. 10. Serve warm with your favorite Panda Express sides.


You'll love this tasty Panda Express copycat recipe!  Enjoy with fried rice or chow mein for a delicious dinner.