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Ham and Cheese Sliders

If you’re looking for a snack or game day appetizer, try these addicting ham and cheese sliders.  These buttery, crisp sliders are a pleasant mix of sweet from the glaze, savory from the ham and provolone, and a tangy kick from the Dijon.  Make them look irresistible by adding toppings and baking them to perfection. … Read More Ham and Cheese Sliders

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How to Make a Ploughman’s Lunch

Looking for a unique twist for a special lunch?  Serve a traditional ploughman’s lunch. What’s in a ploughman’s lunch? Basic: crusty white bread, strong English cheeses, thick slices of ham Chutney: Branston pickle, ploughman’s pickle, or piccalilli (pungent, vinegary, earthy) Pickled Vegetables: sweet onions, gerkins Additional Protein: boiled eggs, slice of pork pie, Scotch egg,… Read More How to Make a Ploughman’s Lunch