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Minced Beef Pie

Beautiful meat pies are such wonderful comfort food, regardless of the season.  Buttery golden pastry and a hearty meat-and-veg filling looks so tempting on the dinner table!  What’s even better is that this minced beef pie is economical, tasty, and easy to make.  Let’s get started! 👩‍🍳 What is the difference between ground beef and… Read More Minced Beef Pie

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Torta Pasqualina: Italian Easter Pie

A year ago, I came across a recipe for torta pasqualina online.  I thought the pie looked so beautiful when it was sliced; the crisp golden pastry enveloping the striking green spinach filling and whole eggs. This pie’s attractive appearance is not the only interesting part.  Torta pasqualina originates from Liguria, a region in northwest… Read More Torta Pasqualina: Italian Easter Pie