How to Make Roux for Gumbo


What You Need

You only need two simple ingredients to make roux for gumbo: fat and flour.

Start the Roux

1. Heat the fat in a cast iron skillet, then whisk in the flour. 2. Whisk continuously.  The roux will start to thicken.

Changing Color

3. Keep stirring for another 5-10 min, and the roux will be blonde. 4. After 15-30 min, the roux will be the color of peanut butter.

Keep Going!

5. After 30-45 min, the roux will be the color of a copper penny. 6. After 45-60 min, the roux will be milk chocolate colored. Stir it off the heat for a few minutes to get a dark chocolate roux. 


You should have 1 cup of roux to thicken your next batch of amazing gumbo!

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