Muffaletta Sandwich


Learn everything you need to know to make this mouthwatering sandwich.

Want to make the best muffaletta ever?

Start with the bread.

1. Slice a large round loaf of muffaletta bread in half, the pull out the excess bread. 2. Brush both halves with olive oil.

Get layering.

3. Spread half of the olive salad on the bottom of the bread. 4. Do one layer of mortadella.

Bring on the meat.

5. Layer on the provolone. 6. Start a layer of soppressata next.  Repeat the layers until all the meat and cheese is gone.

Almost done!

7. Spread the olive salad on top, then put the bread on. 8. Wrap the sandwich in plastic.

Time to press.

9. Press the sandwich with a cast iron skillet overnight in the fridge. 10. Unwrap the sandwich the next day, slice, and serve.

Cut in wedges and serve with chips and root beer for a delicious lunch.

Enjoy your amazing muffaletta!