How to Line a Tart Pan


What You Need

All you need is pastry, a tart pan, a rolling pin, flour, and parchment paper to get started.

Prep the Pan

Sprinkle the paper and base with flour.  Place the pastry on the base, sprinkle some flour on top, and roll it out.

Roll It Out

Roll the pastry thinly. Fold up the edges of the pastry and place the base inside the pan.


Unfold the pastry and push it into the corner of the pan. Use the side of your finger to push the pastry into the flutes.

Almost Done!

Roll the rolling pin across the top to cut off the excess pastry, then push your finger into the flutes again.

Great Job!

The pastry shell is now ready to be chilled and blind baked, or filled and baked. Enjoy!