4 Ways to Cut Green Onions


What You Need

You only need one ingredient: green onions!  Make sure you also have a cutting board and a sharp knife, too.


1. Rinse the onions to remove any dirt. 2. Pat them dry with paper towel.


3. Peel off any wilted or damaged parts of the onion. 4. Cut off the tops and roots.

1. Coins

Line up the onions, then slice them crosswise in 1/4-inch slices to create coins.

2. On the Bias

Line up the onions, then shift the knife to a 45° angle.  Cut in 1-inch lengths.

3. Julienned

Separate the white and green parts of the onion, then halve the green part of the onion lengthwise.  Cut into thin strips.

4. Minced

Line up the onions and slice crosswise into 1-3 mm slices. Separate the green and white parts if desired.


Choose which cutting method and use these tasty green onions in a variety of dishes or as a garnish.

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