How to Cut Bell Peppers


What You Need

Grab a bell pepper, and let's get ready to cut it up in different ways to use in a variety of recipes!

To Julienne

Cut off the top and bottom, then remove the core and membranes.  Cut down the side of the pepper, lay it flat, then slice into strips.

To Dice

Julienne the pepper first as described on the previous slide, then cut the strips crosswise to dice.


Cut off the top of the pepper, then remove the stem and core.  Slice crosswise into rings.

For Stuffed Peppers

Cut out the stem from the pepper and remove the core.  Shake out the seeds, and your pepper is ready to stuff.

For Wide Strips

Julienne the pepper as described on an earlier slide, except cut it in wide strips instead of thin ones.

Avoid Waste

Cut the top and bottom of the pepper into large chunks to avoid waste.  Use in any recipe!


Use these beautifully cut bell peppers in any recipe that calls for them. Now you know how to slice bell peppers like a pro!

Use Bell Peppers in These Recipes!