Chicken, Bacon, and Apricot Pies


What You Need

A few simple ingredients are all you need to make these delightful meat pies!


1. Make a batch of hot water crust pastry and roll it out into a circle. 2. Wrap the pastry around a jar or wooden dolly.


3. Smooth the pastry around the jar and trim the top so it's level. 4. Roll out the pastry for the lids and cut out holes from the middle.


5. Chill the pastry until it's firm, and then fill the jars with hot water and pull them out. 6. Fill the pastry cases with layers of the meat and fruit.

Add the Lid

7. Brush the edge of the pastry case with beaten egg. 8. Pinch the edge of the pastry to seal the lid on to the base.


9. Crimp the edge of the pastry with your fingers. 10. Brush the lid with beaten egg to encourage it to brown.

Add the Jelly

11. Pour the chicken jelly into the pies and chill until set. 12. Serve the pies cold and enjoy!


You'll love eating these delicious chicken, bacon, and apricot pies!