11 great gift ideas for cocktail lovers

By Savor the Flavour

looking for a gift for the cocktail lover in your life?

Let's explore some awesome ideas!

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Gift #1

barfly japanese style jigger

This sturdy jigger is easy to use, and the markings are easy to see.

Gift #2

mixing glass

The weighted base keeps it stable, and the spout pours smoothly.

Gift #3

crafthouse mixing spoon

The twisted handle is easy to grasp, and it's long enough to fit into a tall glass or shaker.

Gift #4

oxo good grips cocktail shaker

The double-insulated walls keep your hands warmer, and it has a built-in strainer.

Gift #5

mesh cocktail strainer

This conical sieve is perfect for double-straining fancy drinks.

Gift #6

PIÑA barware bamboo muddler

This 12-inch muddler is made from top quality bamboo and has a great feel in your hand.

Gift #7

Stainless steel ice scoop

The U-shaped scoop is easy on your hand and effortlessly dumps ice into glasses.

Gift #8

Silicone ice cube molds

Make cubes or spheres of ice that melt slowly with these trays.

for garnishes

oxo Y-peeler



oxo Channel knife

Stainless steel skewers

last of all:

give the gift of amazing drinks to someone special!

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