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A Beginner’s Guide to Stitch Fix

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Are you tired of going into your closet, and feel you have nothing to wear?  Stitch Fix can help you solve that problem!  You can be proud of your wardrobe, and be more creative with your style.  Let’s jump in and learn what Stitch Fix is and how you can get an amazing box of clothes, shoes, and accessories that you’ll love.

Ready to sign up for your first Fix?  Create your account to get started.

lady holding an open cardboard box

Here’s a photo of me opening my second Stitch Fix box.  It was a fantastic box, and I was really excited to open it!  Check out my reveal and try-on to see all the outfits.

What is Stitch Fix?

  • Stitch Fix is a subscription box service that sends you clothes, shoes, jewelry, and other fashion accessories that match your personal style.
  • Get started by signing up for an account, giving your clothing/shoe sizes and measurements, and filling out a short style quiz that helps your personal stylist learn your style.
  • You can sign up to get a Stitch Fix box as often as every couple of weeks, once a month, every second month, or every third month.
  • You can request specific items for special occasions (i.e. a maxi dress for Easter).
  • Feel free to change your Fix schedule or cancel your subscription anytime.

Stitch Fix box at the front door

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About Stitch Fix

  • Stitch Fix is a San Fransisco-based company founded in 2011 by Erin Lynn and Katrina Lake.
  • The company employs 3,400 stylists and 75 data scientists to select clothes for you.
  • Fast Company rates Stitch Fix as #5 on their 2019 list of Most Innovative Companies.

How much are the clothes on Stitch Fix?

  • The items in each Stitch Fix box can be as cheap as $20 or as expensive as $600–it all depends on your preferred price range and what you request.
  • You can set your budget in your account settings (i.e. low cost, mid range, or high range).
  • The average item in my low range box was $58 plus sales tax.  Fortunately, the shipping is always free!
  • What you request in your box will affect the price. If you’re asking for leather boots, don’t expect a $70 pair.

Stitch Fix style cards with envelope and price sheet

What sizes does Stitch Fix carry?

  • Ladies: XS-XXL. (Petite is also available.)
  • Plus Size: XL-3XL and 4W-24W.
  • Maternity: clothes for first through third trimesters and postpartum.
  • Ladies Shoes: 6-10 and also in half sizes.
  • Mens: XS-3XL, tall shirts, waist sizes 28-48, and inseams 28-36.
  • Kids: 2T to 14.

What brands does Stitch Fix carry?

Stitch Fix carries over 250 brands for ladies’ clothing, including 8 private-label brands that the company owns.  Check out the brands here.

How does Stitch Fix work?

  • Sign up for your account.
  • Fill out your sizes and measurements.
  • Do a short style quiz to help your stylist learn your style.
  • Pay a $20 styling fee, which goes toward the cost of any items you choose to keep.
  • Receive your clothing box, try on the clothes, and send back any items you don’t want to keep.
  • Pay for the items you’re keeping. The $20 styling fee goes toward the cost of the items you keep.

Stitch Fix style cards

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Why use Stitch Fix?

  • It’s fun! Receiving your Fix is almost like giving yourself a Christmas present.  It’s so thrilling to get a mystery box on your doorstep.
  • It’s easy and convenient! All you have to do is create your account, fill out your style guide, and schedule your Fix.  No all-day shopping trips required!
  • It saves time and gas money! Trying on the clothes only takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour–which is so much faster than going to the mall.
  • It expands your wardrobe!  It’s refreshing to get a different perspective on your fashion style from your personal stylist.  She can find pieces that you normally couldn’t find in the stores, or wouldn’t be willing to pull off the rack.
  • It’s easy to see if the clothes coordinate with your current wardrobe!  Since you try on the clothes at home, you can mix and match the Stitch Fix clothes with your current wardrobe and make an informed decision if you want to keep the clothes.

Stitch Fix vs. Trunk Club vs. Trendsend

Here’s a comparison of three popular clothing boxes for women.  All of them have free shipping, and you can cancel your subscription/schedule a box anytime you’d like.

  • Stitch Fix: $20 styling fee per box.  Fill out style quiz, use style shuffle, and drop notes for the stylist in your profile.  Items range from $20-$600.  You can take a sneak peek of the items once your Fix has shipped.  If you buy all 5 items in your box, you’ll get 25% discount.  You can get $25 in Stitch Fix credit, if you refer a friend.
  • Trunk Club: $25 styling fee per box, or get it waived if you have a Nordstorm card.  Call or online chat with your stylist, or meet her in person at a Nordstrom store.  Items range from $40-$300.  Approve items online before it’s shipped.
  • Trendsend by Evereve: $20 styling fee per box.  Fill out style quiz.  Items range from $50-$100.  Items are a mystery until your box arrives.  20% discount for friends or family you refer to the service.

From my research, I think that Stitch Fix is the most affordable, while still providing a fun, customizable experience by a professional stylist.  Stitch Fix also has the best customer service and is the most reliable about delivering your Fixes on time.

Are Stitch Fix clothes new or used?

Stitch Fix clothes are brand new, although they may have been tried on by someone else.  All clothes that I’ve received have come with Stitch Fix tags on and in great shape, unlike clothes you might get at an outlet mall.  I haven’t come across garments with snags, holes, or crooked seams.

Is Stitch Fix good quality?

Yes, the clothing and shoes I’ve received from Stitch Fix are all good quality–something like you’d find at a higher end department store like Belk, Macy’s, Dillards, or Nordstorm.  I was particularly impressed with how my white blouse was lined so it wasn’t see through, and the jeans weren’t made from super thin fabric.  The shoes I got were genuine suede.

drawstring canvas bag from Stitch Fix

Instead of a shoe box, my first Stitch Fix shoes came in this cute canvas bag, pictured above.  It’s a handy place to store your style cards and stylist notes!

Is Stitch Fix right for me?

For many people, Stitch Fix is an awesome way to add exciting new pieces to your wardrobe.  If you can relate to any of the following categories, then Stitch Fix is right for you!  Want to sign up right now?  Create your account today!

  • You’re pressed for time.  No one wants to spend all day at the mall and not find anything they like!  Stitch Fix makes it easy to get clothes you love with minimal time on your part.
  • You live where the shopping isn’t good.  For many people, good shopping malls are an hour or more away, which can make shopping difficult.  I can totally relate to this!
  • You want help curating your fashion style.  It can be a daunting task to find new styles that you love!  Having a personal stylist makes it so much easier to find exciting new outfits.
  • You want to treat yourself to a surprise gift.  Getting a mystery box of personalized clothes and accessories is exciting!
  • You live in the United States or the UK.  Unfortunately, Stitch Fix is in the US and UK only.  However, if you live in Canada and close to the US border, you can get a US post office box and ship your Stitch Fix there.
  • You have a hard time getting to a store due to driving issues, health problems or disabilities.

Why would I want a stylized outfit?

There’s lots of occasions that justify a stylized outfit!  Here are some ideas.

  • Family Time: summer vacation, mother-daughter tea, family reunion, family photo shoot, holidays
  • Professional: new job, interview, work event, conference,
  • Social: wedding, graduation, high school reunions, baby showers, birthday party
  • Active: working out at the gym, outdoor activities, sporting events

Stitch Fix for Kids

This is a convenient option for girls and boys who are interested in fashion, are picky, or for Mom’s who don’t like dressing room challenges.  It’s a fantastic idea for easy back to school shopping, or for kids who love an experience gift for their birthdays.   If you have a general question, you can live chat during regular business hours (PST).   You can sign up for a kid’s account here.

  • Stitch Fix Kids comes in sizes 2T to 14.
  • The kid boxes contain 8-12 items instead of the 5 items that come in adult boxes.
  • You’ll fill out their size and do a style quiz for your child, just like for the adults.
  • The items range in price from $10 to $40, but shoes can be more.
  • If you buy all items in the box, you’ll get a 25% discount.
  • Head to toe shopping: shoes in sizes 2Y to 6, socks, belts, tops, bottoms, dresses, p.j.’s and outerwear
  • 10 Familiar brands like Nike, Under Armor, TOMS plus Stitch Fix’s exclusive brand: Rumi + Ryder
  • You can get a sneak peak, with the Stitch Fix app, at the clothes your stylist sent once your order has shipped.
  • Size and color exchanges are simple to do with their great costumer service department.
  • Each Stitch Fix kid box can be taken apart for your child to color in the stamped on pictures, and their fix box comes with a sticker page!
  • Adults can use their credit balance, if they have a referral Stitch Fix credit, towards their kid’s fixes.
  • Unfortunately, adults who have a Style Pass membership can’t use their pass for their kid’s fixes at this time.

Stitch Fix style cards showing different outfits

My stylist, Stephanie, styled my first two Stitch Fix boxes, and I’ve been really pleased with her picks so far!

Understanding Your Personal Style

You need to have a good idea of your personal style in order to communicate effectively with your stylist.  Evaluate your colors, body type, and current wardrobe with the following guidelines.

  • Know your season.  Each person’s skin tone, hair color, and eye color determines their “season,” which helps you find the colors that look amazing on you.  Winters and Springs can wear bright and cool colors, and Summers and Autumns can wear muted and warm colors.
  • Know your body type.  Everyone’s body shape falls into one of the following categories: apple (downward triangle), pear (upward triangle), banana (rectangular),  hourglass, or oval.
  • Know your style.  Your style is usually a mix of one or two of the following categories: casual, timeless, electric, bold, feminine, trendy, or attractive.  Evaluate your current wardrobe to determine your style type.

lady wearing a white blouse and blue skirt

Like the blouse I’m wearing in this photo?  Check out my reveal of my second Stitch Fix to see what I thought of it!

About Stitch Fix Stylists

  • 3,400 Stylists.  Stitch Fix employs real people to style your wardrobe.  Most of them work remotely.
  • Experienced and Passionate.  The stylists have fashion training and want to make you look your best.
  • Algorithms. Stitch Fix stylists use a combination of their personal skills and algorithms to pick out your clothes.
  • Part-Time Hours.  Most stylists work 15 hours a week and get paid $15-$16 per hour.  The average stylist does 60 Fixes per week!
  • Legal, English-Speaking US Residents.  Stylists live in large cities in Texas, California, Ohio, Minnesota and Pennsylvania.

Communicating with Your Stylist

If you want to get the most out of your Fix, you need to be specific about what you want.  Fortunately, there’s a few different ways to communicate with your Stitch Fix stylist.  It’s not possible to email, call, or instant message your stylist, but you can give her a clear look at your style and request specific items with the following methods.  If you have a general question, you can use Stitch Fix’s live chat during business hours PST.

  • Personal Notes.  When you initially set up your Stitch Fix account, you have the opportunity to write roughly 100 words about your preferred clothing style and colors.  You can edit this note later, but it’s important to make sure it’s accurate.  Also, you can request specific items in each Fix.
  • Style Shuffle.  Log in to your Stitch Fix account and take 2-3 minutes to do the Style Shuffle.  It shows you a photo of an article of clothing or shoes, and you can rate it thumbs up or thumbs down.  You can do 3-4 Style Shuffles each day.
  • Social Media.  Create a Pinterest board with your favorite looks or share photos on your Instagram feed.  Paste your social media links in your Stitch Fix profile so your stylist can review them.
  • Clothing Reviews.  Once you receive your Fix, you fill out a short online quiz about each item you received, whether or not you’re keeping it.  You can also write a couple sentences about each item to specifically describe your thoughts.  This is vitally important for your stylist, as it really helps her understand WHY you liked or didn’t like the item.
  • Fashion Questions. Check out this form to submit a fashion question to an expert stylist.  i.e. “What shoes would go well with this dress?”  Attach a photo if desired.

Stitch Fix stylist note

Here’s the note my stylist, Stephanie, enclosed with my first Stitch Fix box.  I thought that this was a fun personal touch.

How Your Box Is Packed

  • Your stylist sends your order to the San Fransisco warehouse.
  • A warehouse worker walks through the racks of clothes to get your items.
  • The worker inspects and folds your clothes, using a brush to remove lint.
  • The clothes are folded, stacked, and wrapped in tissue paper.
  • A personal note from the stylist, style cards, and price guide is also enclosed in your box.
  • The box is mailed to you via courier service.  You’ll receive a tracking number for your package.

What to Expect in Your First Box

It’s so exciting to get your first Stitch Fix box!  If you’re ready to receive your first Fix, sign up and fill out your style guide to get started.

  • 5 items.  This will be an assortment of different pieces, depending on what you requested when you set up your account.  For example, I received one blouse, one stylish t-shirt, a pair of jeans, a maxi dress, and a pair of high heel shoes.
  • 5 style cards.  These perforated cards show different outfit options with the pieces in your Fix, pairing them with accessories and shoes.  They can be really helpful when you’re planning an outfit.
  • A note from your stylist.  She’ll explain why she chose the pieces in your box and ask for your feedback about them.
  • Price guide.  This paper lists the name of each piece and the price of each item in the box.
  • Postage-paid envelope.  Use this plastic bag to mail back any items you don’t want to keep or need to exchange for a different color or size.

My Thoughts about My First Stitch Fix Box

I received my first Stitch Fix box in March 2019.

  • Style: I was impressed with how well my stylist interpreted my style and colors.
  • Fit: The tops, jeans, and shoes I received all fit me to a T.  The jeans especially were super comfy!
  • Quality: Everything was made from high quality fabrics.  I really loved that the white blouse I received was lined.
  • Price: I’m a bargain clothes shopper, so I definitely experienced sticker shock with my first Fix.  Price was the main reason why I only kept one item.
  • Convenience: Stitch Fix deserves an A+ for convenience!  It’s so easy to order a Fix and mail back any items you don’t want to keep.

person wearing a pair of cognac high heel sandals

The only thing I bought from my first Stitch Fix box was these Diba Kyra suede sandals.  I love the fit and color–they’re fashionable and comfortable!

Pros about Stitch Fix

  • Fun, easy, and convenient. It’s easy to sign up for an account, and it’s so much fun to fill out your style profile.  The excitement of getting a box in the mail is thrilling!
  • Defines your personal style.  Getting an outsider’s view on your personal style helps you learn what you like and don’t like.
  • Expand your horizons.  You can get exposed to new styles that you wouldn’t be able to find in stores, or that you wouldn’t normally try on.  I live in an area where the shopping is horrible, so I love the opportunity to get high-quality, fashionable pieces sent right to my house.
  • Receive style cards for your Fix.  This helps you mix and match the pieces in your box with other items you may already own or other items in the box.
  • Get good quality, fashionable pieces.  I’ve looked in the nicer department stores in Jacksonville, FL, and couldn’t find shoes as nice or for the same price as I got from my first Stitch Fix box!
  • Shipping is always free.  This applies to your Fix and any returns.  If you’re returning any items from your Fix, just seal them in the enclosed, pre-paid envelope.  Place it in your mailbox or drop it off at the post office, and you’re good to go!
  • No commitment.  You’re not forced to keep your subscription. Feel free to cancel your subscription or reschedule your Fix frequency at any time.
  • Stitch Fix is cheaper than other clothing subscription boxes.  Most other clothing subscription boxes cost a lot more up front than Stitch Fix.
  • You get a 25% discount if you keep all items in your box.  This can be a win if you like everything in the box.
  • Help the guy in your life be more fashionable.  Your husband or boyfriend might be more open to get clothing suggestions from a professional stylist.  It’s a great way to breathe new life into his dull wardrobe!

Cons about Stitch Fix

  • Stitch Fix clothes aren’t thrift store deals.  If everything in your closet is in the $10 to 30 range, you might have sticker shock with Stitch Fix!  The average item for many costumers is $55 plus tax.  Keep in mind, you’re paying for the convenience of the box and the work of your stylist, so things will be pricier.  I chose the lowest cost option, and my items in my first box were between $34-$90.
  • Your stylist may not stick to the price point you originally stated.  Also keep in mind that if you specifically request a certain item like a fancy dress, it will be more expensive than a casual blouse.
  • It can take multiple boxes for your stylist to fully learn your fashion style.  You may not like all of the pieces in your first box.  Be sure to give your stylist 100% honest feedback so she can pick better pieces for your next box, or ask for a different stylist.
  • The $20 styling fee can make you feel obligated to buy something.  Nobody wants to spend $20 and get nothing in return.  Don’t buy something from the box just to recoup your styling fee–you’ll regret it later.  If you aren’t pleased with your Fix, send super specific critiques to your stylist, and they can pick out better stuff next time.
  • Sometimes, you may receive a dud box.  If nothing in the box is even close to your style, you may be able to ask for a coupon to re-coup the $20 styling fee.  Talk to a customer representative and tell them your experience.  You can also request a re-do box.  Although you may not get either request, it’s worth the time to ask.

price sheet for Stitch Fix box

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Tips to Make Your Fix Even Better

  • Fill out your style profile accurately and keep it updated.  This will really help your stylist choose items you’ll love.
  • Take the style quizzes in your Stitch Fix account.  This helps your stylist learn your style.
  • Tell your stylist if you need certain items for a special event.  She can find something you might love!
  • Try on everything in the box–even if you don’t like it right away.  Some clothes look horrible folded, but look amazing when you put them on.
  • Get a second opinion about your Fix from a friend or relative.  Invite a friend over for a fashion show, and she can give you practical critiques about your Fix. 
  • Don’t be rushed when you’re trying on the items.  Stitch Fix gives you three full days to try on the items and think about them.
  • Don’t feel obligated to keep pieces you don’t like.  You will regret keeping them later.
  • Realize that the clothes get better with each box.  It takes time for your stylist to learn what styles, colors, prints, and fits you like.
  • Give your stylist detailed feedback on each item in your box.  Say what you liked and didn’t like about each item, whether or not you chose to keep it.  This will help your stylist choose better pieces next time.
  • Create a Pinterest board to curate fashions that you like.  You can share your fashion board URL with your personal stylist.  This will really help her learn what colors and styles you like the best.  Pin outfits from Stitch Fix’s Pinterest boards or follow them on Instagram.

Is Stitch Fix worth it?

It depends on what you’re looking for and what your clothing budget is.  If you don’t have time to shop, are looking for wardrobe inspiration, want to try new or exclusive brands, or just wanting a pick-me-up, I would recommend Stitch Fix for you.

If you’re ready to sign up for Stitch Fix, create your account and start getting some amazing new clothes!

Let’s chat!

If you found this Stitch Fix review helpful, please leave a comment below!  I’d love to hear your thoughts on Stitch Fix.  We’ll be writing fashion posts at the first week of each month–so come back to learn more about fashion!

Let’s discover something stylish together!

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