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June 2019 Stitch Fix Reveal!

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I am really excited to announce the exciting contents of my second Stitch Fix in this Stitch Fix reveal!  At my request, my stylist Stephanie enclosed five beautiful dressy casual blouses for summer.  Stephanie did a fantastic job of following the colors I wanted, and giving me some fun new styles–just like she did for my first box.

Let’s jump in and explore these new curated looks! But before we do, I’d like to give you a short summary of how Stitch Fix works.

lady holding a cardboard box from Stitch Fix

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New to Stitch Fix?

Stitch Fix is a subscription box service that personally styles outfits for you and mails you the items to try on.  You’ll fill out a style quiz and give your stylist your sizes to ensure an accurate fit.  You can specifically request items for your Fix (i.e. cardigan, skirt, jeans, etc.) or leave it up to your stylist.  Your stylist always gives you a personal note with each Fix!

style cards and stylist note from Stitch Fix

You’ll also receive style cards with each Fix.  They’ll show you how to pair the items in the box with other pieces from your closet.

Stitch Fix style cards

Stitch Fix is an awesome service for ladies who are too busy to go shopping or who want a professional stylist’s advice on expanding their wardrobe. Another bonus is that you get to try on all of the Stitch Fix clothes at home, where you can mix and match the new pieces with clothing and accessories you already own. Family and friends can see you wearing the Stitch Fix clothes and give you their opinion.

Stitch Fix seal on tissue paper

Stitch Fix will mail you 5 items in a box.  If you want to buy one or more of the items, you’ll pay for them online; if not, just seal them up in the pre-paid envelope and mail them back to Stitch Fix.

Fortunately, Stitch Fix is one of the most reasonably priced clothing boxes!  You’re charged a $20 styling fee up front.  If you keep any items, the styling fee is credited toward the cost of the items.  If you don’t keep anything, you’re only out $20.  It’s a fun and easy way to expand your wardrobe without having to go shopping!

Want to know if Stitch Fix is right for you?  Check out my honest and detailed review of Stitch Fix.  Ready to sign up for your first Stitch Fix?  Let’s get started!

You Deserve Some Fun New Clothes!

Are you on the fence about whether or not to try Stitch Fix?  It’s a super fun way to get new clothes without spending hours at the mall or scrolling through online stores.  Treat yourself to the exciting experience of getting a professional stylist to curate a selection of pretty new pieces for your wardrobe!

opened Stitch Fix box with style cards and mailing envelope

You can even earn $25 in Stitch Fix credit for each friend or family member whom you refer to Stitch Fix.  Another bonus: they earn $25 credit, too!  It would make an awesome girls’ night if you and your bestie ordered Stitch Fix boxes and opened them at the same time.

Still not sure about Stitch Fix? Read my super detailed and 100% honest review of my first experience with Stitch Fix and find out if it’s right for you.

The Story Behind My Second Stitch Fix

The box was delivered on a Saturday just as we were pulling out of our driveway.  I was thrilled that my package came a few days early!  However, I had to wait (patiently) until the next day to open it and see the contents.  This waiting period was made a little easier because I peeked at my Stitch Fix delivery email which had photos of each item shipped.

Wait no longer–here’s the Stitch Fix reveal and try on!

Max Studio – Albee Tie Detail Button Down Tee

The first item in my box was this Albee Tie Detail Button Down Tee by Max Studio ($54; $40.50 with buy all items discount).  The fabric is 100% rayon.

Pros: I loved the color and print of the fabric!  The tie front and long back was flattering to my figure and looked really stylish.  The pleats near the shoulders gave it a bit more style, too.

lady wearing a blue blouse and jeans

Cons: Even though this top had some great qualities, the neckline gaped a lot when I leaned over or sat down. The button down front, V neck, and floral print made it look too much like a pajama top.  I also thought this top was overpriced at $54, but if the whole box was purchased, the price would be lowered to $40.50.

Outfit Details: I paired this top with a lacy white tank and pale blue cropped jeans, both from Aeropostale.  The necklace and earrings were handmade by me.  Denim blue Converse sneakers, my favorite Adidas socks, and a Vera Bradley tote completed the look.

back view of a lady wearing a blue shirt and jeans

Mason & Belle – Edrea Tie Front Top

Next, I pulled on this Edrea Tie Front Top by Mason & Belle ($42; $31.50 with buy all items discount).  The fabric was 100% rayon.

Pros: I instantly fell in love with the color and the embroidery down the front.  The peasant sleeves gave it a casual feminine look, and the print was so pretty! The blouse was comfortable and flowy without being baggy.

lady wearing a pink blouse and blue jeans

Cons: The ties in the front were a little too long, and the neckline was too big.  I live in steaming hot coastal Georgia, and I didn’t want a long sleeved blouse that I’d have to wear a T-shirt and a camisole underneath every time.  However, if the blouse was priced a little lower, I probably would have got it.

Outfit Details: I layered this blouse with a flesh-colored cami and white T-shirt (both from Aeropostale).  The jeans are also from Aeropostale, and the necklace and earrings are from Bass.  The brown purse was a Target find.  I was thrilled that this blouse looked great with my Diba Kyra heels from my first Stitch Fix box!

lady wearing a pink blouse and holding a brown purse

Vince Camuto – Jermain Burnout Detail Cotton Top

The next top was this Jermain Burnout Detail Cotton Top by Vince Camuto ($48; $36.00 with buy all items discount). The fabric was 65% cotton and 35% polyester.

Pros: This top fit me really well, and the color was beautifully subtle.  My Mom thought that this blouse was the second-best one in the whole box, although I still liked the previous pink one better.  Oddly enough, this shirt reminded me of my old favorite dance top I owned many years ago.

lady wearing a white cardigan, pink shirt, and blue jeans

Cons: Although this top was comfortable and breezy, I had a few problems with it.  The neckline was a little low in the front for my taste. Considering the $48 price tag and the sheer fabric, I thought it was better suited for wearing at the gym or over a dance leotard rather than with jeans.

Outfit Details: To cover the lower neckline, I paired this top with a navy blue scarf from Old Navy. Since the fabric was quite sheer, I slipped on a pink camisole from Aeropostale and my favorite white cardigan from Aeropostale. The jeans are from Aeropostale, and the white and gold sandals are from Aldo.

lady wearing a pink shirt and blue jeans

Pale Sky – Tamara Textured Mixed Material Top

The second last top in my Stitch Fix box was this Tamara Textured Mixed Material Top by Pale Sky ($68; $51.00 with buy all items discount), an exclusive Stitch Fix brand.  The butterfly fabric was 100% rayon and the back fabric was 96% rayon and 4% spandex.  The lining was 100% polyester.

Pros: My first impression of this blouse was not favorable, but when I tried it on, I was surprised by how flattering the style was!  The lacy details near the neckline and shoulders were lovely. The rolled up sleeves gave this top a relaxed touch.  My sisters really like butterflies, so I know they would be thrilled if I got a butterfly blouse!

lady wearing a white blouse with blue jeans

Cons: Although I had wanted a white blouse in my Fix, I found that this blouse seemed as though it was missing some color.  The style was a bit more mature and professional than I usually wear.

My least favorite thing about this top was that the back was made from a super clingy/static-y fabric that just wasn’t flattering, even though I had just steamed this blouse!  Considering the $68 price tag and the fact that it was dry clean only cemented my decision.

Outfit Details: I paired this blouse with a high-necked lacy tank from Aeropostale and a pair of dark blue jeans also from Aeropostale. The shoes are Diba Kyra suede heels from my first Stitch Fix box. In addition, I wore a necklace and earrings that I had handmade a few years ago.

back view of a lady wearing a white blouse with blue jeans

Fun2Fun – Kedzie Henley Blouse

Here’s the Kedzie Henley Blouse from Fun2Fun ($42; $31.50 with buy all items discount).  The fabric was 100% rayon.

Pros: The fabric was flowy and the print was gorgeous. I loved how this blouse can be dressed up or down, which is a wonderful feature. Mom and I thought that this blouse would be perfect for me to wear at my piano recital the next day!

One feature I really loved about this blouse is that is covers my bottom, which is a must when you’re wearing white jeans!  It also had a flattering slit on the side seams, which made the blouse look elegant when I was sitting down at the piano. It was one of the lowest priced items in the box, which was great.

lady wearing a navy blouse and white jeans

Cons: There’s not many flaws I can find with this top! At first, I thought that it was too big, but Mom said that it looked nice on me, especially when I walked. The neckline was my least favorite part, but it grew on me.

Outfit Details: This blouse is paired with a lacy white Aeropostale tank, white Aeropostale jeans, Crown & Ivy sandals from Belk, and a necklace and earrings from Avon.  The white faux ostrich skin purse is from Belk.  Unfortunately, I don’t remember where I got those bangles.

lady holding a jean jacket

The Verdict: What I Kept from My Stitch Fix Box

collage of a lady wearing five different outfits

Here’s the rundown on what I received in my second Stitch Fix box:

  • Albee Tie Detail Button Down Top by Max Studio ($54; $40.50 with discount): return
  • Kedzie Henly Top by Fun2Fun ($42; $31.50 with discount): keep
  • Edrea Tie Front Top by Mason & Belle ($42; $31.50 with discount): return
  • Jermain Burnout Detail Cotton Top by Vince Camuto ($48; $36.00 with discount): return
  • Tamara Textured Mixed Material Top by Pale Sky ($68; $51.00 with discount): return

If I bought all 5 items, I’d receive a 25% discount on my purchase, which would make my total charge $190.50.  This is called Stitch Fix math.  Sometimes, it’s cheaper to buy all 5 items and just resell or give away the items you don’t love as much.

My Stitch Fix guideline for keeping items is: keep the single best item from the box.  I don’t want to buy something that doesn’t look good on me!  I want to be able to wear the item for at least 3 seasons in a row, and I also want it to be cost effective.

Let’s chat!  What do you think about this Stitch Fix reveal?

  • What outfit do you like the best?
  • Which top do you think I should have kept?
  • Have you tried Stitch Fix before?
  • Do you think my stylist (Stephanie) did a good job?
  • Let me know in the comments below; I’d love to hear your thoughts!

folded clothes inside of a mail envelope

What would you like to see next?

Tune in next month for my patriotic red, white, and blue themed Stitch Fix reveal.  What theme would you like me to try for August: late summer clothes or early fall?  Give me your opinion in the comments below.  Tune in the first week of each month to see another of our fashion posts!

Thanks for following along with my Stitch Fix reveal!  I hope this post has got you excited about Stitch Fix, too. 🙂  Experience Stitch Fix for yourself and sign up today.

Let’s discover something stylish together!

Emma 👚

6 thoughts on “June 2019 Stitch Fix Reveal!

  1. My favorites were the blue top you got and the pink top that has the tie on the bottom. I am glad you kept the one that you did. I think you should try early fall clothes for your box after next. My least favorites were the Jermain Burnout and the other blue top.

  2. Emma,
    I know you made the right choice by choosing the darker bue top. It flatters you as well.
    You will probably wear it often! Good choice!

  3. I look forward to your red, white, and blue box! I really like the long blue top but I think it is more fitting for someone my age.

    1. Thank you, Miss Anita! The long blue top was my favorite out of the 5 items, too. 🙂 I’m excited about the red, white, and blue box–it will be dressier clothes for church.

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