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July 2019 Stitch Fix Reveal!

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Who’s ready for another Stitch Fix reveal?  I’m really excited to share the 5 items from my third Stitch Fix box.  For this Fix, I asked my stylist, Stephanie, to send me a blue cardigan, a blue skirt, a red skirt, a white blouse, and a scarf.  Scroll down to see what she chose for my July box.

Before I show you this month’s outfits, let’s learn a little about Stitch Fix.

lady holding an unopened Stitch Fix box

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New to Stitch Fix?

Stitch Fix is a subscription box service that styles personalized outfits for you and sends you the items to try on and purchase if you like them.  Before you get your first Fix, you’ll answer some questions about your style and size to ensure the best fit.  Also, you can request certain items for your Fix (i.e. shoes, blouses, jeans, etc.) or leave it a mystery.  The stylist encloses a personal note with each one of your Fixes.

Another item you receive with each Fix are style cards.  They suggest different ways to pair the items with other clothes that you may already own.

style cards and stylist note from Stitch Fix box

Stitch Fix is a great service for busy ladies or those who want a professional stylist’s advice. You get to try on all of the Stitch Fix clothes at home, where you can mix and match the pieces with clothing and accessories you already own.  That’s an awesome bonus. Family and friends can see you wearing the Stitch Fix clothes and give you their opinion to help you make the final decision.

Stitch Fix will mail you 5 items per box.  If you want to keep any of the items, you’ll pay for them online; if not, just seal them up in the pre-paid envelope and mail them back to Stitch Fix.

lady holding an opened Stitch Fix box

Out of all the clothing boxes I’ve seen online, Stitch Fix is one of the most reasonably priced!  You are charged a $20 styling fee with each Fix.  If you keep any items, the styling fee is credited toward the cost of the items.  If you don’t keep anything, you only have to pay $20.  It’s a fun and easy way to expand your wardrobe and look more stylish without having to go shopping!

Want to learn even more about Stitch Fix and see if it will be a good fit for you?  Check out my honest and detailed review of Stitch Fix.  Are you ready to sign up for your first Fix? Get started here.

price list for Stitch Fix box

Treat Yourself to Some Exciting New Clothes!

Are you doubtful about trying Stitch Fix?  It’s a fun way to get new clothes without spending hours of frustration at the mall or scrolling through confusing online stores.  Getting a professional stylist to custom select pieces for your wardrobe is such a great experience.

Here’s a perk for the enterprising ladies out there!  If you refer a friend or family member to Stitch Fix and they order a Fix, you both get $25 off your next Fix.  It would make an awesome girls’ night if you and your best friend ordered Stitch Fix boxes and opened them at the same time!

Are you still not sure about Stitch Fix? Read my extremely detailed and 100% honest review of my first experience with Stitch Fix and find out if you want to sign up.

lady holding a stack of folded clothes from Stitch Fix

The Story Behind My Second Stitch Fix

In my second Fix, my style cards showed some beautiful items that were paired with the items in my Fix.  I requested that my stylist send me the red-and-white faux wrap skirt and a flowy blue cardigan from the style cards.  Unfortunately, my stylist (Stephanie, third time in a row) wasn’t able to find the exact items I requested, but she did an amazing job of finding similar items.

I also requested a navy blue or denim pencil skirt, a white T-shirt or blouse to wear with the red skirt, and a scarf.  Stephanie sent me a beautiful gray knit dress instead of the scarf, but that was okay.  (Stitch Fix may not have had a scarf in stock that coordinated with my style or color choices.)  Scroll down to the reveal and try-on to see the surprise gray dress!

envelope of Stitch Fix style cards

Keep scrolling for the exciting reveal and try-on!

Margaret M – Deandra Textured Skirt

The first item I tried on was this lovely Deandra Textured Skirt from Margaret M, an exclusive Stitch Fix brand ($68; $51 with buy all items discount).  The jacquard fabric is 76% rayon, 21% nylon, and 3% spandex.

Pros: I really loved the length of this A-line skirt and how professional it looked.  It didn’t have any buttons or zippers, so it was quick and easy to pull on.  The two darts in the back gave the skirt a bit of a tailored feel, and the thick fabric had a nice weight to it and was wrinkle resistant.  The color was neutral, and would coordinate with a lot of different tops.

lady wearing a white blouse with a navy blue skirt

Cons: My main gripe about this skirt is the price.  There really wasn’t a lot of fabric or other features that justified the $68 price tag.  The skirt didn’t have a zipper, elastic or lining.  Also, I wouldn’t wear it as much because it’s more business casual.  Since I only get one item from each Stitch Fix box, I need to be picky about which one I like best!

Outfit Details: I paired this skirt with a flesh colored cami, lace tank, and white lacy blouse (all from Aeropostale).  The white wedge Patrizia sandals are called Fern (purchased from Rack Room Shoes), and the necklace and earrings were handmade by me several years ago.

navy blue skirt folded in half

Hazel – Almore Lace Detail Top

Next, I tried on this Almore Lace Detail Top by Hazel ($40; $30 with buy all items discount).  The fabric was 51% rayon and 49% nylon.

Pros: By far, my favorite part of this blouse is the lace trim around the armholes and hem.  It really added a nice touch of casual elegance.  The peplum style was pretty, and the shade of white wasn’t too bright for my skin tone.

lady wearing a white blouse, jeans, and cognac sandals

Cons: Unfortunately, this blouse had a lot of cons!  The fabric was SUPER wrinkled when the blouse arrived, and even after ironing and steaming it, the blouse still wasn’t as smooth as I would have liked.  The fit of the top made me feel a bit too chunky.  The fabric was extremely see through, the neckline wasn’t flattering, and the armholes were way too large.  Definitely not my favorite item from this Fix.

Outfit Details: I wore this blouse with a flesh colored cami, lace tank, and dark blue skinny jeans from Aeropostale.  I completed the look with handmade jewelry and my Diba Kyra suede heels from Stitch Fix.

white lacy blouse folded in half

Nine Britton – Kate Hacci Knit Dress

I was excited to put on this Kate Hacci Knit Dress by Nine Britton ($44; $33 with buy all items discount).  The fabric was 81% polyester, 15% rayon, and 4% spandex.

Pros: The shade of gray, you guys, was so pretty!  The fabric was super soft and comfortable, and the three quarter length sleeves were a nice length for early fall wear.  The cross straps on the neckline and the pockets added some lovely detail.  Overall, I was thrilled with this gorgeous sweater dress!

lady wearing a gray dress with black leggings and boots

Cons: The length of the skirt was obviously too short to wear without leggings underneath, but I liked the look of it with the leggings and suede black boots.  As much as I love this dress, it just isn’t a summer outfit; I wouldn’t be able to wear this dress until mid to late October here in south coastal Georgia.  I didn’t want to wait three months to wear it!

Outfit Details: This dress is paired with a flesh colored cami, white T-shirt, and black leggings from Aeropostale.  The Franco Fortini black ankle boots are called Chesney and were purchased from Rack Room Shoes in the fall of 2018.  All the jewelry is handmade by me.

folded gray sweater dress with flowers

Renee C – Avril Maxi Skirt

Next up was this Avril Maxi Skirt by Renee C ($48; $36 with buy all items discount).  The fabric was 96% rayon and 4% spandex.

Pros: The red and white print was patriotic and colorful–perfect for summertime.  The fabric was comfortably stretchy and flowy.  I loved the ruching at the sideseams on the yoke.  This skirt would be great for wearing outdoors on a hot day.

lady wearing a white blouse and red and white skirt

Cons: I wasn’t totally in love with the print; it only looked good from a distance.  Also, I just bought a navy blue maxi skirt a few weeks ago, and probably wouldn’t wear this one as often as it is a bit more dressy.

Outfit Details: I wore this skirt with the Almore Lace Detail Top by Hazel, which was one of the items from this Stitch Fix box.  Underneath, I wore a flesh colored cami and lace tank from Aeropostale.  The shoes were from Aldo, and the jewelry was handmade.

flatlay of a red and white maxi skirt

Cotton Emporium – Marybeth Waterfall Brushed Knit Cardigan

Last of all is this Marybeth Waterfall Brushed Knit Cardigan by Cotton Emporium ($38; $28.50 with buy all items discount).  The fabric was 69% rayon, 27% polyester, and 4% spandex.

Pros: Out of all the items in my July 2019 Stitch Fix, this cardigan fit the best with my personal style.  I fell in love with the color, the soft fabric, and the pretty hemline.  It would look great paired with a scarf, jeans, or a skirt.  It’s just the right weight to wear in a cold, air-conditioned room during the summertime, or on my upcoming vacation to Canada.  In case you’re wondering, the sleeves are full length.  I just have them pushed up, so they look like a three quarter length sleeve.

lady wearing a blue T-shirt, blue cardigan, and jeans

Cons: Not many problems with this cardigan!  The only thing that might be a problem is that the fabric looks like it could snag on rough or sharp objects.  That’s a common issue with any knit clothing, though.  I’ll just have to be extra careful.

Outfit Details: I paired this top with a flesh colored cami, navy blue pocket tee, and medium blue skinny jeans all from Aeropostale.  I wore my favorite Adidas socks and denim blue Converse sneakers.  The necklace and earrings are also from Aeropostale.  The red and white tote is from Roots (a Canadian clothing store), and the white sunglasses are from Children’s Place.  (Yes, they’re my youngest sister’s sunglasses. 😂)

flatlay of a blue cardigan

The Verdict: What I Kept from My Stitch Fix Box

collage of a lady wearing five different outfits

Here’s the rundown on what I received in my second Stitch Fix box:

  • Deandra Textured Skirt from Margaret M ($68; $51 with buy all items discount), return
  • Almore Lace Detail Top from Hazel ($40; $30 with buy all items discount), return
  • Kate Hacci Knit Dress from Nine Britton ($44; $33 with buy all items discount), return
  • Avril Maxi Skirt from Renee C ($48; $36 with buy all items discount), return
  • Marybeth Waterfall Brushed Knit Cardigan from Cotton Emporium ($38; $28.50 with buy all items discount), keep

If I bought all 5 items from this Fix, I’d receive a 25% discount on each item.  That’s what the “buy all items discount” means.  If you really like 3 or 4 of the items, it sometimes can be cheaper to buy all 5 to get the discount.  You can always sell your least favorite item at a local consignment store or on Poshmark or Ebay.

My aim with each Stitch Fix box is to keep my favorite item out of the five.  I want to be budget conscious, plus pick what’s most flattering, versatile, and timeless so I can enjoy wearing it for more than one year.

folded clothes inside of a mailing envelope

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Let’s chat!  What do you think about this Stitch Fix reveal?

  • What outfit do you like the best?
  • Which item do you think I should have kept?
  • Have you tried Stitch Fix before?
  • Do you think my stylist (Stephanie, third time in a row) did a good job fulfilling my requests?
  • Let me know in the comments below; I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Thanks for reading my red, white and blue Stitch Fix reveal!

It’s my goal, with this post, to help you get excited and encouraged about expanding your summer or early fall wardrobe with Stitch Fix.  Ready to get in on the fun?  Sign up today.

Let’s discover something stylish together!

Emma 👚

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